Fastening Systems

Vibration and shock can quickly impair joint integrity and affect overall product performance. Applications where a high level of vibration is prevalent demand the use of vibration proof fasteners to ensure that the integrity of structures is maintained. The Swagefast™ Fastening System offers a highly vibration resistant joint owing to its unique design in which the collar is swaged into the annular locking grooves of the Swagebolt – ensuring a permanent lock. Proven for use in multiple industries, the Swagefast fastening system is ideal for heavy duty, high vibration applications, combining shear strength with quick and easy installation – resulting in a virtually fool proof solution that gives the assurance of long term joint reliability. The majority of fasteners in the Swagefast system have been designed to meet or exceed SAE Grade 5 or ASTM A-325 and ISO (8.8) strength requirements, ensuring high clamp force and, tensile and shear strength, depending on the application.

The Swagefast™ Fastening System includes:

  • Standard Swagebolts
  • Step Down (SD) Oversized Swagebolts
  • Blind Rivet Swagebolts (BRL)
  • Stump Swagebolts (SL)
  • Flush Break Mono Fasteners (MB)
  • Flush Break Maxi Fasteners (MGB)
  • Bodytainer Fasteners (BF)
  • Flush Break Multi Fasteners (MGL)

Features and Benefits:

  • Vibration resistant
  • High shear strength
  • High tensile strength
  • Uniform clamping force
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Visual inspection
  • Lower installed fastener costs
  • Improved fabrication quality
  • Reduced rework and scrap charges
  • Minimal inspection costs
  • Lower installer training costs

How to get maximum performance with Swagebolt pins and collars:

  • Swagebolt pins and collars are lubricated to provide proper driving characteristics and should not be degreased.
  • Installation surfaces should be 90° to the Swagebolt pin axis for normal conditions and spot face for other conditions.
  • Collars may be driven on surfaces inclined to a maximum of 1 in 20 from the Swagebolt pin axis.
  • Collars may be driven on curved surfaces with a minimum radius of 3 times the Swagebolt pin diameter.
  • Collars should be removed from the application by splitting them axially with a collar splitter.
  • In the case of replacement – if the hole sizing is not worn or oversized, a Swagebolt pin of the same diameter must be used. If the hole sizing is worn or oversized, a larger diameter Swagebolt pin should be used.

Considerations for selecting your Swagefast™ Fastening System:

  • The material of the fastener or its coating should be compatible with the application's material.
  • The fastener diameter is determined by the shear and tensile strength required.
  • The fastener length is determined by the total material thickness that requires fastening. Order by diameter required and the total material thickness that requires fastening.
  • It is recommended that a standard (CS) collar is used where the holes on the application do not exceed the maximum hole sizing specifications.
  • It is recommended that a flanged (CF) collar is used where the holes on the application are worn or sizing exceeds the maximum hole sizing specifications.
  • Fastener head styles are determined by clearance requirements.

Installation Equipment

Swagefast installation equipment / tooling systems work with the fastener to pull and clamp the application together quickly and safely. A typical installation equipment system comprises a tool, nose assembly, hose set and Powerig unit. The powerig drives the tool and the nose assembly provides the installation link between the fastener and the tool. Installation tools and nose assemblies are designed to install specific fastener types and diameters – the choice of the installation equipment system is determined by the fastener type, diameter, application and intended usage.

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