Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

Wind Turbine

Ace Tech Tools offer purpose designed bolt tensioning tools and hydraulic torque wrenches for wind turbines.Developed over many years, our wind turbine bolt tightening solutions offer the most advanced, safe, rapid and operator friendly tools in the market today.

Force 10

A General purpose range of bolt tensioning tools featuring spring return Rams.

  • Suitable for use on over 500 Standard Bolted Flanges
  • Spring Return Rams
  • Reliable, Safe and Durable Tools.
  • Enhanced Safety Features

The COMPACT-8 range of subsea bolt tensioning tools brings a new generation of bolting solutions. Comprising just 8 bolt tensioning tools, the COMPACT-8 series is capable of tensioning most standard flanges including most of the newer Vector SPO* Compact flanges. The COMPACT-8 series is made from high strength stainless steel which greatly reduces maintenance work to a minimum after subsea use. Ace Tech Tools subsea bolt tensioning tools have been used in the UK North sea by most of the large bolting contractors since 1991 and have a proven reliability and safety record.


A Range of Topside Bolt Tensioning Tools for use on standard Vector Technology Group* Compact Flanges and Norsok** L-005 Compact Flanges.


The CTST series of tools from Ace Tech Tools is a powerful and compact range of multi-purpose bolt tensioning tools. The tools are designed to suit most ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47 Series 1, MSS-SP44, API-6A and API-17D flanges and feature well proven and highly reliable hydraulic seal technology.

Multi-Stud Tensioning System

The Segmented Multi Stud Tensioning System (MSTS) is a portable system designed to simultaneously tension all studs on system closures such as steam generator primary and secondary manways, handwheel and valve covers. This state-of-the-art system applies a predictable and accurate preload to all studs simultaneously, thus eliminating the problems normally associated with conventional torque tightening techniques, for example: uneven gasket preloads resulting in closure leakage, galling, broken fasteners, etc.
The MSTS enables the installation and removal of system closures to be completed rapidly in high radiation areas. Therefore, its application is also consistent with meeting ALARA objectives.

Multi-Stud Tensioning System Features
  • Profile cut body to reduce weight
  • Elliptical shaped piston/rams (if necessary)
  • Rare earth magnets embedded in Nut Rotating Sockets, for ease of assembly
  • Single hydraulic inlet connection per segment
  • Can be designed with variable bolt chambers per segment to optimize weight
  • Extremely reliable machine cut polyurethane seals
Hydraulic Nuts

Ace Tech Tools Nuts replace existing hexagon nuts to give a rapid, accurate and uniform Bolt load to any bolted joint. The Ace Tech Tools Nut offers a method of bolt tensioning multi-bolt applications which greatly improves the integrity of the joint. The speed in which joints can be tensioned and detensioned shows an extraordinary time saving over conventional detachable bolt tensioning systems.

  • Standard Ace Tech Tools Hydraulic Nuts are suitable for use in temperatures up to 100ºC
  • For temperatures above this level special seals are available, contact Ace Tech Tools for further details
  • The use of machine cut Polyurethane seal, ensure a reliable leak free Tensioning system
  • Ace Tech Tools Nut protection caps are available to protect against corrosion
  • Ace Tech Tools Nuts can be used with Spherical washers where joint members are badly out of square
  • Where the standard Ace Tech Tools Nuts are not suitable, special designs are available on request

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